Do Follow Up Emails/Notes Work?

How effective can a follow-up letter be, and how can I make it effective?
Alisha S.

A: You should always send a follow-up letter after your meeting. Here’s what that does for you: When you send a follow-up letter or email after a phone call or a meeting, you are saying that you valued their time and attention. You are saying that they are important. And it’s one more touch. It’s one more way to stay at the forefront of their attention.

Now, here is what you want to include in that follow up letter to make it more effective:

1. Thank them for their time and attention.

2. Show them some appreciation by paying them a compliment. Remember that you are dealing with people, and people love compliments. They love the attention and they love it when you noticed something important about them.

3. Provide a brief recap of your phone conversation or your meeting. Highlight the important topics that were covered.

4. Verify the next steps to move the sale forward. This could be anything from scheduling the next meeting to verification of deliverables.

Your sales process consists of several steps, but you should take every opportunity to provide your prospect with a bridge between stages. The follow-up letter is one of those bridges. Use the follow-up letter as an opportunity to help your prospect through the sales process and get to the end goal.