Discovering My Inner Dork

I  met a self proclaimed dork recently. This is a guy that whose smile and laugh comes so easy, wit sharp but not cutting, part nerd, part clown, all heart, loves to blow the covers off straws and delights in playful little tricks to instigate a laugh. But I didn’t laugh right away when he said I was a dork, too—after all, “Only a dork can tell if you are one too”.

“I am not” I doth protested loudly, and behold! An involuntary snort from my snout, lead to fit of laughing. Oh no! Could it really be true?

Geez, it isn’t easy being a dork. I went to water my dry lawn a few days ago, and no water came out of the right end of the hose. Instead, wild streams of water burst out in the middle like a fountain, a casualty I’m sure certain when I ran over it with my lawn mover earlier that day. But that didn’t stop me—I just held it like a divining rod and watered the lawn anyhow. And, I also watered myself completely in the process. I laughed so hard with every squeaky step my water logged sneakers made on the way back to the shed.

And if that isn’t enough, while waiting in the check out line at the store yesterday, I looked down and couldn’t believe what I saw. I was actually wearing two different shoes. Oh, my God…my only defense is that they were both gold sandals. Yea, I know. I’m wondering just how many people that day said to themselves, “She’s a dork”.

Imperfections…they so perfectly human. And funny. It would be easy to become self conscious, self doubting, lose one’s self esteem if we don’t realize that it is all so normal.  No, no, no…you got to go with it and laugh along with the world, as when laughing at yourself, you are helping others realize ” My imperfections are perfect, too, and it is ok.” 

Imperfect people are lovable, fall in love, and—are loved.

Discover you inner dork! Share your smile, and a laugh. Feel your heart swell!!!