De-Stressors Before De-Party!

Ok, you’ve coached your hostess for tonight’s party and you got a boat load of people coming. Time’s running out, you got to get your kit together, while the dog tugging at your leg and the baby is screaming…help! Somebody save me!

Whoa! The time right before your party has got to be managed, because the last thing you want to do is arrive and look like a lunatic. Use these tried and true pre-party suggestions to get you there in tip top shape! 

1.  Reconfirm the directions your hostess gave you and then recheck them online. Know where you are going in advance! Also, print out your reverse directions so you know how to get home.

2.  Make sure your kit is ready the night before or the morning of your show, in your car if possible. That cuts down tremendously on the rush and stress beforehand.

3.  “What am I wearing tonight?” Make it a no brainer.  Put together 2 or 3 standard outfits you wear on a regular basis to your parties. Just rotate them!

4.  If you have a family, double cook on the nights you are not working. Ask your significant other/older child to help smooth the transition time as you depart. If you need sitters for your children, plan ahead and work your way to finding at least 2 reliable sitters. A back up is important!

5. Pump It Up! Carry your favorite CD of upbeat music in your car so you can de-stress on the way and arrive upbeat and positive. Eye of the Tiger, think Rocky!

Remember, pre-party preparation isn’t just about your samples, it is also about you!
If you arrive with a great attitude, they will have fun.
And if they have fun, it will be a great party!