De-Clutter Your Brain

I came home this afternoon with so many things on mind: weeks of ‘things to remember’ along with a list of a million work-related actions that needed to be done, and I hadn’t called my mother in days. I have to tell you the guilt alone from not calling her plus with all this accumulated physical clutter in the kitchen and living room was enough just to put me over the top. Can you really hear the scream of a mad woman in the kitchen if there is no one else to hear it?
I needed to do something physical to stop me from imploding, so I cleaned and cleared all the clutter about me. Got rid of all the dishes in the sink, on the strainer, cleared the counters completely, swept, mopped, threw out masses of junk mail, sorted bills, notes, and even ran the vacuum. Half hour later, I felt so much better! I looked around me and saw clean, clear areas and nothing that screamed ‘You have to do me, now!’.
And then a funny thing happened—my mind seemed to de-clutter and I had somehow prioritized all that laid heavy on me just a few hours before. And the amazing thing was not only had I sorted out what and when, I now had renewed energy and dove right into them.
De-clutter space about you, the brain will follow.