Confession about the Confessional

I’m not publishing this particular blog post to the world, just to us Fantasia Reps. The same goes tomorrow’s post. It is too valuable to share with anyone else.

Today, I had a conversation with one of our most experienced and finest Reps. She shared about a party she just held with over 22 guests. It was a great party presentation wise, and the guests truly had a wonderful time.

Problem: things were so hectic, that at the end, at the urging of her hostess and many guests, she took orders in the corner of the living room. It was almost private.

The sales were ‘ok’, not as high as she had hoped or for 22 orders.
She did not get any bookings that night, though many assured “I’ll call” or “I’ll let you know.”

For the record, many other of our Reps have had the same dilemma at the end of their parties, and maybe it’s even happened to you.

It’s not easy to ‘insist’ on the privacy order taking room when a hostess has a house full of her friends and she’s trying to tend to their drink and food needs. That certainly comes off as you being pushy and not caring about her stress at the moment.

So what do you do? 

The first question you ask your hostess before setting up is: 
   -Where am I setting up/holding the demonstration?
The very next question should be: 
   -What room am I taking orders in?

When you ask your hostess up front and arrange the order taking area UP FRONT, it never becomes an issue at the end.

And having a private room/area for taking order is JUST as important as where you are presenting from.

Why is taking orders in a private area CRITICAL to your business?
–Because your customer has no distractions and you can get HER to FOCUS on the products you just presented
—And because YOU can focus on HER.
—Because you can get her to talk
—And by her talking, you discover her, her needs and then make a CONNECTION.

CONNECTION = higher sales
CONNECTION = more probably of booking
CONNECTION = the start of building a relationship

Tomorrow, I talk about a very very specific technique used in the order taking confessional that will get you more bookings. It really works. Keep the eyeball out.

–Rina Valan

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