Competitors: Eat my Dust!

You can secretly plot in the next few days to do something your competitors in the home party business won’t be doing. 
Most in business are gift giving, sending thank you’s and yes, it is one way of showing your customers and hostesses that you value them. But I’m not talking about sending or mailing a gift or note right now. That’s right, you heard me- not now
The killer make-them-eat-your dust advice? 
Think New Year instead. 
You have a much better chance of getting their attention! So instead, you concentrate on sending good karma for a New Year. 
Important: you want to time it right so it arrives right before the New Year. 
It doesn’t have to be costly. A note, along with a coupon for something special next time they see you, maybe a discount, product samplers, etc. More important than an immediate sale or booking, you build and maintain an ongoing relationship. 
If you get whatever it is into an envelope and mail it, it’s even more powerful.  
You control the cost/investment, and how many you want to do. No one says you have to do all of them! You can spend as little as $1 and on only one hostess (and/or customer.) If you consider that you may only need about 40 regular party hostesses to keep your business thriving, nurturing even ONE means a lot! 
So, get out your list! Your customer and hostess list that is! And let all the others eat your dust! 
Rina Valan