Coaching the Repeat Hostess

Over the weekend I got an email from one of our best Sales Reps, very upset about her Friday night party. An hour only, she drives up to a completely dark house, and obviously no one was home. She was really upset since this would have this hostess’s 6th Fantasia party– she was obviously a fabulous hostess and this should have just been another great party!

But that wasn’t the reason why she was so upset. The real reason? She was mad at herself!

Yes, she was mad at herself because she knew what really went wrong! She ASSUMED her hostess knew all there was to know about hosting the party, and ASSUMED that she would remember all there was to inviting and reconfirming, and she ASSUMED that the hostess didn’t need reminder calls, including the one the day before her party. She didn’t want to impose, to repeat herself, blah blah blah.

You know, you can’t assume anything when it comes to your business, especially when it comes to someone hosting a party for you. You can’t assume they know what to say to their guests, what kind of party/atmosphere to provide, about punctuality, about refreshments and goodies, about over inviting, payment, delivery, plus all the other little important details.

Lesson learned? Just because you said something once doesn’t mean the message has been sent, received, understood OR REMEMBERED. The time you invest in short phone calls before each booked party comes back to you in HUNDREDS of dollars. This is investment in time is one you cannot afford to skip!

“Hello Jane? I’m so excited about your party coming up in 2 weeks! Tell me about your guest list, how many do you have coming so far…oh, great! That’s a good start…let me remind you about…”

Rina Valan


  1. You’re one smart lady, Rina, and an inspiration.

  2. Thanks for taking the time Diane–I appreciate you!