Choreographing the Mind

Someone asked me recently, “Do you like to listen to music while making love?”
“Oh, my God”, I replied. “Of course! I couldn’t imagine it making love without it! It fuels my spirit, drives my senses, and it makes it all feel like a dance!”

Music choreographes the mind! It makes intimacy so much more fuller, more intense, more fun! Engage the mind I say, and the rest always follows!

I thought about this for days, as it made me wonder what else engages my mind and helps me feel the passion and dance during lovemaking. I figured if I took a little time to recognize these ‘triggers’, well, then, maybe, just maybe, it could help me become a more passionate lover, and most importantly, more connected with my partner.

Hmmm….let’s see…
How about dipping my finger into the melted wax of a soy massage candle, catching it’s sweet scent, soft whispers spoken on my lips or just at my ear, an passage from an Anne Rice erotic classic, the Klimt reproduction of “The Kiss” above my bed, freshly laundered 400 thread Egyptian cotton sheets, the feel of slippery ID Lubricant between my fingers, a chocolate martini in a cocoa rimmed sexy glass, a new sex toy I bought at a sex toy party..they all play essential roles in choreographing my mind!

Choreograph your mind…and the dance will follow ; )

Madame X

Rina Valan, Basic Author