"Call Me Back" Does Not Work

The number one complaint I hear from so many Home Party Sales Reps?
“I call people, tell them to call me back, but they never do!”
I’m not a big fan of starting or ending my messages with “Call me back.” It almost sounds like begging, especially with prospects, or any one in your down line.  That’s the last feeling you want to give them. 
Please remember that customers expect sales people to call them—not the other way around.  
Your job is to call customers, and customers don’t want to do your job.

What is it you really want? 
Do you actually want people to ‘call you back’- 
Or do you want them to be so interested and excited about what you’re offering and/or selling that they will take your call the next time and act? Think about that for a moment.
So, what should you do instead?  Here are some Tips:
  -Leave a compelling message at the start of your voicemail.  Did you know that if you don’t grab their attention in the first 7 seconds, it doesn’t matter what the rest of the message says because you’ve lost them already? (By the way, this is so critical when you have a live person on the other end, too!)
  -Is it something that immediately grabs their attention and creates the ‘want on their end? Got a special offer or gift, think why it would be something important to them, something special it would do for them, something what would make them drool about it!
  -Do you keep the initiative in your hands or theirs? Obviously, you want to keep the initiative on your side as much as possible. So at the end of your message, tell your prospect WHEN you will call them back. And then, call them back at the time you said so.
Always leave your contact information at the end, brief, and to the point. For instance: “Rina Valan, Fantasia Home Parties, 1-800-777-2789. I’ll be giving you a call around 8PM tomorrow evening.”
Remember—if you’ve created the ‘want’ in the message, there’s a much greater chance they will be near a phone, and will pick it up!
Rina Valan