Buying a Winning Lottery Ticket

It’s Thursday, it’s been a long week already, and I bet you’re all ready thinking about getting in a little R&R for the weekend.

Maybe it will be a movie, some retail therapy or having a cocktail at your local favorite bar or restaurant. I don’t blame you, because in fact, I am ready for some of that R&R myself.

While doing the R&R thing, what if someone turned to you and said:
“I have a winning lottery ticket here, it’s only $1.
Do you want to buy it?”
(It could be the bartender, the waitress, the cashier, anyone while in your R & R mode.)

Would you say:
“Oh, no thanks. I’m doing R&R now. I can’t buy that winning ticket right now.”

You know, you just never know when your next winning lottery ticket worth $100 or $1000 will show up!

Are you prepared to ‘purchase’ your winning lottery tickets whenever it may pop up in our daily lives?  And for literally a $1 or less, you always have a winning lottery ticket in your hand IF it’s a catalog, a giveaway, your business card, a goody bag, something!
Because if you don’t…it is just like walking away from a winning lottery ticket.

Remember, opportunities to pick up a new party lead and/or new business can happen at any moment–the universe does not schedule leads to show up when you’re good and ready for them. They are all around you, but you got to be ready to pluck them out of the air and with a $1 in your hand.

Good news: you can have your R&R,  a winning lottery ticket, and eat it too.

Take 10 minutes right now and make yourself ready to buy that winning ticket, TODAY!

Rina Valan