Brain Freeze

I got Brain Freeze yesterday just by walking down the ice cream aisle in the grocery store. Do you know how many different varieties of ice cream is out there! Oh my gosh! I literally froze in my tracks (pun intended!)

So what’s the problem?

I was incredibly overwhelmed. DOZENS and dozens of varieties and flavors to choose from!

And then I got a call on my cell and walked away to continue my conversation.

Did I go back and buy ice cream? No.

You know, your customers can get easily overwhelmed in our home party business too, especially when you’re trying to book a party with them.  You might think they’re not interested–reality is so much is going on in their heads and so many decisions/choices to make. Help them by focusing on a date instead of focusing on whether or not to have a party!

TIP: when you’re out giving a party, avoid the general announcement:  “If any of you would like to have party, see me later.” 

What to do instead? 

Take a wall calendar,  mark off the days you are already booked  or not available with a big  “X.” You don’t have to put the particulars  on any of the dates, just  mark them off with an “X.” 
At the end of your  presentation, give your brief pitch about booking  a party. Then just  pass the calendar over to one person and say:
   “OK  everybody, here are the  dates I have available. Next month, I have July 14, 21 and Aug 8 open. Pencil in your name and  number with your  choice.”

The same applies for postings on your Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. Whenever possible, post 2 or 3 dates out you want to book and then post “I have only have July 20 or 29th open, get your preferred date first, book with me now!”

Works like a charm!

Rina Valan


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  1. This is the first lesson that every direct seller should learn. Establish a sense of urgency by making your calendar look as though you are really busy!!