Booking Parties- THE Confessional Secret

The power of the confessional is not just about insuring someone’s privacy regarding what they do or don’t like to do or buy when it comes to sexual pleasure. That is just one part of it.

The power of the confessional is intensely about the power of future business, ie. getting future bookings. Without future bookings, your business is continually in the start up phase.

I told you yesterday that there is a secret technique to get more bookings in the confessional.
I did not read about this technique, it is my tried and true method.
And everyone I have shared it with that has tried it agrees it works!

The secret technique involves:
-Three questions from you that beg a ‘yes’ answer 
-And then, the secret phrase

Here’s how it goes:

When your customer comes into the confessional, she sits,  she chats, you chat, you review her order, you check for completeness, you suggest or up sell, and then you take payment.
Right after that:

1. Look into her eyes, gently place your hand on the tip of her shoulder or fingers, and ask the first “yes” question: “Did you have a good time?”

2. Then you ask her 2 more questions that beg a “yes” answer, like
–“Mary Hostess is such a wonderful person, isn’t she?”
–“I think everyone else had a good time, too, don’t you think so?”

3. And then, you ask the magic phrase: 
   “I would love to do a party for you”

Your guest will say one of three things: Yes, No, or “I don’t…blank”
    “Yes” means get your datebook out and pencil in the date right then and there.
    “No” means politely acknowledge and say the door is always open should she change her mind.
     “I don’t…know if my house is big enough, or “I know enough people” or ” I don’t know if people will come” …or whatever. These are called sales objections.
Good news: objections are great!
Because objections mean  “Yes, I’m interested, but I need a solution to my issue.”

And there are only so many objections in our business, and you know how to answer them!

Always FIRST acknowledge her objection, and then help her out with a solution.
Critical: after acknowledging, offer the solution with “Let’s pencil in a date!”

Can you imagine booking 2 or 3 shows from every show?

It works. And it will work for you!

–Rina Valan