Blame, Blame, Fo Fame, Banana Fana….

I wanted to blow up my computer today. Everything just kept going wrong.
Do you ever feel like that?
It was so slow to load files, my internet kept dropping, and the printer wouldn’t work. I was trying to make a small movie clip to endorse a new product, and then I couldn’t find the camera, or the cord, and when I finally did…then the chatter from staff about me distracted me. Can’t they see I’m busy???
And the resident geek didn’t response fast enough to my assorted issues…did I mention I wanted to blow everything up?

I was stuck in the “Blame Game.”

Things were clearly not my fault for things that did not get done. “Others” made me fall behind or tainted my creativity, or were not there at my beck and call to “fix” my problems. I blamed everyone. So there!

Reality check: duh.

The computer or the assorted ears that heard my whines did not get my business done for me. It’s all there still waiting to be done. I played the Blame Game as a way of consoling myself for not taking responsibility for any of it. I have no one to blame but myself for wasting my energy and expecting others to part the water for me in my throes of frustration.

What about you? Do you find yourself stuck in the blame game for your business?
Sure, it’s easy to blame that it’s “slow” or you just don’t have the time, the kids, the mate, the other job, the home party company, lack of resources, lack of motivation, lack of support, lack of leads…heck, lack of SOME thing! It is just another stanza of the blame game.
 Unfortunately, it is a game that you can play, but you never win.

It ain’t others or other things.
You’re the boss! Take control. Take action.
Take your bull by your own capable, creative horns and yell “Charge!!!”