Birthday Sex

Oh, how I am longing for Birthday Sex! 
 …you know, the kind where your lover gives you especially what you like, without any restraints on time. You can even be a little selfish and luxuriate in the pleasure. 
They know it’s your special day, so attention to all the little details like music, flowers, oils, clean sheets, long, loooooong kisses, caresses, and the touch that says:
“Don’t worry baby, I love what I am doing and will do it for as long as you want or like it”…
Sigh. I so love that.
You know what? I could very well long for:
—‘Anniversary Sex’ (“I still love you so much, Honey”) or
—“Christmas Sex” (“Oh Santa, I love it when I sit on your lap”) or
—“New Year’s Eve Sex (“er…I left my underwear in the car”)
—‘Honeymoon Sex’ (“Enough! Put that thing away, boy!”)
Wow, I am starting to realize that the flavor and dynamic of making love changes with special occasions or events. So, since it isn’t my birthday, and it’s not even close to Christmas, maybe I can think of some ‘other occasion sex’ that will take it up a notch with my partner tonight. I know! How about:  “I’m bringing home a new toy for us to try out tonight” sex?
Yep, I think that will work. 
And since I look so good in black, I found something called “The Gladiator.” I am sure that will do. And if not? I am still very, very happy with: “I am so in love with you” sex ; )
P.S. What is your favorite occasion type sex?
How do you get your partner in the mood or ready for it?
P.P.S. And, just in case you are curious about The Gladiator, we carry that item at my sex toy home party company,
Even better, host a sex toy party and you learn some new tips and techniques and maybe you can get some ‘Birthday Sex’on your calendar!!!
Rina Valan, Expert Author
Rina Valan, Basic Author