Beyond the Missionary

Dear Dr. Melanie,

My boyfriend likes to have sex in the same “missionary” position every time – me on my back, him on top. I’m bored! What do you suggest? – Ex-Missionary


Dear Ex Missionary,

I love your signature because it means you’re already on track to make changes. Sex shouldn’t be boring! Start by asking your boyfriend why he likes that position. Does he like to look into your eyes? Can he thrust deeper? If he presses more onto his knees, can he watch himself thrusting? Or perhaps he likes to feel more in control? All of these can be accomplished through other positions. Fantasia has a handy deck of 52 sexual positions that can make experimenting fun. Also, Sexinfo101 is a site with animated straight couples illustrating sexual positions.

I suggest you give him the card deck as a gift, challenging him to try a new position at least once a week. In time, he’ll see that variety will spice up your sex life. You can also view the animated positions together and discuss what might be fun to try.