A Strong Close is Your Golden Rose

Every home party has a Start, a Break, and a Close.
Of these, the most important is a STRONG Close.

Why? So you can get your ‘take’ from the party, which is your dedicated, captive 5 minute audience with each guest at the party. If you get your 5 private minutes with each guest, you will not only get an order, you will be able to work your magic and make a strong connection.

What’s so important about a strong connection?
1. Because after the party, you will be able to refer back to that connection in a brief ‘thank you’ email, which includes the estimated delivery of her order.

2. And then you will send another brief email right before her order is shipped/or delivered to her hostess, on Facebook.

3. And then you will send her another brief email after she has received her order to make sure everything is ok, on Facebook again.

4. Then you friend her on Facebook.

5. Then you will show up on her desktop every day, the best and easiest way to continue building your relationship. The relationship can build slowly or fastly (is fastly a word? who cares…)

6. All because…you want a customer for life.

Go watch my webinars on “The Secrets of Connection” and part 2 will give you the exact wording and how-to on giving a STRONG close. You won’t be sorry.
Why? Because, I want you to be a successful Sales Rep for life!

Rina Valan


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