5 Ways to Swim Out to Your Ship

1. Call 5 of your last party cancellations and get them to ‘pencil in’ a new date.

2. Book your own romance party or open house show or ‘Ladies Night In.” Start the New Year right!

3. Write a personal short story about a product you love, or that is new, and email to 15 of your customers; make sure you end it with an open ended question so they can respond back.

4. Look for 10 of your customers on Facebook and friend them (always with a note to ‘refresh’ their memory along with the request, and please don’t hit them with commercial messages right off the bat!)

5. Start a Fan page on Facebook for your business.
And if you already have a Fan page, go ‘like’ other Pages that are businesses and services in your geographic area, and comment as your Page. The fans on this page are probably within driving distance of your home. GREAT target marketing!

-Swim, swim, swim and keep swimming until you find your ship!!!!

Rina Valan