5 Things you can do for Your Business in 5 Minutes

Got 5 minutes? 
1. Schedule your own home party, the date should be asap. 
 Chances are you haven’t had one, or one in the past few months. Give it a theme, do a fantasy auction, bingo, mystery hostess, closeouts, give them a reason to come have fun and party.

2.  Post a quick blurb on your Facebook page for two open party dates for next month. Say the first person to respond will get “X” (fill in the “X” with something exciting you have on hand and/or will bring to their party)

3. Update your email signature line, add a creative tag line, or call to action phrase. If you don’t have one, create one!

4. Call one person (prospect, former customer/hostess, or a friend) to share your excitement about a new product or event.

5. Send a thank you note/email to a previous customer or party hostess, and end with an action/question so it begs a response.
For instance: “How are you liking your _____?”

-Rina Valan

PS. It’s easy to “sacrifice” 5 minutes from anything. Why? Because you always have 5 minutes to invest in YOU!!!