5 Things in 5 Minutes You Can Do for Your Business

Got 5 minutes? 
1. Run a quick ad in Craig’s list.

2. Update your email signature line. If you don’t have one, create one!

3. Call one person (prospect, former customer/hostess, or a friend) to share your excitement about a new product or event.

4. Do a Google search for facts and trivia related to your business genre, then post an interesting one on your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or other social media site. (i.e. search: romance trivia, home decorating tips, vitamin facts,  etc) Make sure it’s brief. This is the start of you being credible for your business and gives you value in the group.

5. Send a thank you note to a previous customer or party hostess, and end with an action/question so it begs a response. For instance: “How are you liking your _____?”

PS. You always have 5 minutes. “Sacrifice” a measly 5 minutes from Mafia Wars, Farmville, Bejeweled, Yahoo chat, watching TV, or reading spam.
You always have 5 minutes to invest in YOU!!!