5 Insider Business Facebook Tips worth a Million Bucks

As a home party consultant, what you are projecting to the world from your social marketing is always worth a second look. Hello social marketing! You are a billboard!

Perception is reality in our ever expanding on-line world. When you have invested in a business, you want to make sure that what you’re projecting is helping, not hindering those investments.

5 Insider Tips for Facebook You Can Not Afford to Ignore:

1. Don’t  share posts/tweets that are whiny, make you seem bored or a  frivolous. After a couple times, you will be associated as a whiny,  bored and frivolous person. No one wants to do business with this type of person. Period.

2.  Did I see f**k in there? Really? 
I wince every time I see this word typed publicly on Facebook, and I can assure you so do others. Your friends won’t tell you, and others after a while will just ‘hide’ your posts from their feed. This is a great way to become invisible!

3.  Posting frequency: post one, two or three times a day on your business Fan Page. 
No more, no less.
Critical: always add daily good content EVERY DAY, with  links, advice, educational tips, educational links, etc. 

4. Don’t over post ‘commercials’ (these include requests to book a party, business opportunity, buy this or that, etc.) Too many of these and people just hide your feed because you come off as a hard seller and are just trying to shove something down their throat. Never post several commercials in a row,

Tip: limit your commercial posts to no more than one a day,  Mix your commercial post well in between personal and informational posts, comments, links, etc.

5. Engage your audience!
-Ask thought provoking questions.
The way to get interest in yourself and your business is to take interest in others first! Make frequent comments to other people’s posts. Show interest by asking questions, or offering encouragement and/or congratulations. This  is a biggie!
-Give away tokens to the first few posters, or the poster of the day for the question of the day. Make it fun! And remember: when you give away tokens, you are getting or keeping a customer! You get to send them a catalog plus a personal note, personal promotion, etc and directly to their mail box! It’s one of the best ways to get a lead, develop a personal relationship and will probably result in a party or recruit.

Rina Valan