5 Essential Make or Break Email Tips

What you write, how you write it, and what it ‘looks’ like when your prospects and customers open it (if they open it), can make or break your business!

5 Essential Make or Break Email Tips 

1. Use the subject line, and wisely Give it a little thought, if they asked about something “Here is the information you asked for”. Never leave it blank or put any punctuation in it (it may get spammed)

2. CONNECT first 
Use a question or engaging sentence or two that reaches out to them as a human, and ‘connect’. For instance: “Wow, I see you only live 15 minutes from me, don’t you love it here?” Then move on to your main message. BUT CONNECT FIRST.

3. Don’t waste your time tooting your own horn Remember to answer their question ‘What’s in it for me?’ Tell them what you can do for them. Important: don’t drone on. You can always send another email and give them more. Small bits, frequently.

4. Get rid of the smiley faces, notepaper background and anything else that comes up as an attachment in the email
Go simple. People have limited time and resources, most are reading from a phone and if your message takes more than 2 seconds to load, it will not be read. Critical: many people do not open emails with attachments, and these types of emails risk getting spammed.

5. Set up an automatic ‘signature’ in your email program 
Make sure you include your name, phone, website and a ‘call to action statement.’
Note: I’m not a big fan of canned quotes.This is your chance to give a quick and effective commercial. Be brief, be different, go for it!

Start right now with your very next email!

Rina Valan

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