4 Ways to Turn into a People Magnet

When trying to attract new customers or prospect to your business, your goal should be to build a relationship
People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. 
Here are 4 tried and true little tips that will help you make connections and attract even more people to you:
1. Be interested in others. Ask questions.
People naturally want to answer questions, especially about themselves or what they do! So learn how to ask questions that people will want to answer. The information you get will enable you to help that person and plus position yourself as a lively conversationalist.
2. Be an active listener.
Reflect the words you hear back to the person with whom you are talking. “So, did I hear that right? You graduated from a high school in my home state?” 
This technique not only insures you understand what is being said, but it reinforces that you really are listening. That makes people want to talk more with you!
3. Take/Make notes.
Maybe you’re on the phone, maybe you’re at a home party taking an order, or at a networking event.When you talk with a lot of different people,  it’s easy to forget details or what your connection is to that person. Always discreetly take notes afterwards.Your next conversation with them will make the connection even more solid…they become your friend.
4. Follow up.
Know what people care about? That you care. 
And your follow up should be something they can use.  Position yourself as a resource.
Rina Valan