4 Ways to Engage Them on Facebook (or any other social site)

How do you get people to respond to you if you’re on Facebook, Twitter,  or some other social site on the Internet? You have to ENGAGE them!

Use these ideas that engage and keep customers for the long term:

  • Expose yourself. Open a fan page or a blog, and open them for comments. A blog is one medium to draw visitor comments. You can also ask customers to add comments in a customer forum or review products. The more often people comment, the more engaging the discussion will become. It’s a positive cycle.
  • Make them LOL. People love to be amused. If you give them something funny or otherwise delightful to return to, they’ll be back. But you must keep it fresh. If you have Facebook fans and friends, reach out to them with interesting and fun posts, share videos, humorous quotes, photos, etc.
  • Be smart. Offer your audience/group helpful information—and you must continue to update that information to keep the conversation going. If you’re on Twitter, for example, be ready to tweet 8 to 10 times a day. If you blog, post at least a few times a week. On Facebook, post an update at least once a day, but comment as often as possible to your friends or fans.
  • Bribe them. If you want answers to a few questions to get to know your customers, be willing to make an offer, such as a $5 off purchase, samplers, special, or other small item.
It’s an exciting time to be in business and be able to market yourself—we have so many opportunities to be in with groups of people we would have never had in the past. It takes a little time during your day, but it is time well invested, in you!

Rina Valan

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