3 Tips to Avoid Insanity When you Work from Home

It’s always great to have the latest portable computer gadget when you’re working from home office or have a home party business. Things like iPads and portable tablets make business life more convenient.

BUT there are some things that you should have, not just because they add to your bottom line, but because they will keep you SANE!

1. A Separate, Dedicated Workspace, even if it’s just to keep all your “stuff” in one place.
Whether it’s your garage, spare bedroom, or a shed in the backyard, an area off the den, you will need a space that’s just for work.

2. A Fast Internet Connection, preferably with Wi-Fi.

This is non-negotiable. Your internet connection should be fast enough to support online activity and VOIP calls (if you have an internet-based phone system as your method of business communication.) If you have cable-upgrading your internet is relatively cheap. Do it ASAP.

If you’re working while others are at home, make sure they know when you’re “unavailable.”
If you can’t physically separate your workspace from the rest of the house use a folding screen to tune out visual ones. Wear a loud button or other article of clothing that signals “I am working.” Don’t laugh! When my my daughter was little, I used to put on this funky hat! It is a lot better than ‘shushing’ them or expecting them to notice you are in deep thought or conversation.

Got any more tips? Hit comment below!

Rina Valan