3 Phrases That Ruin A Phone Conversation

“Hi it’s just Joe Salesman. I’m following up on…”
 That’s my favorite phone boo-boo!
Here are 3 phrases you should stay away when you call a prospect and/or leave a voice mail:
1. Never say “Just”  
Whenever we use the word “just,” we are lowering the value of our offer when compared to whatever is occupying their attention at that moment. Say I call Mary Prospect and say, “Mary. It’s just Rina Valan.” I have effectively said that I’m second to whatever she has going on at the moment, and in effect you become minor.
When you call your hostess or prospect, tell them why you are calling and take the word “just” out of your initial conversation and your voicemails.
2. Never say “I want to
You’re in essence telling someone what you want is more important than what they want. This sounds like a demand and pretty soon their mindset turns back to their problems and their needs.  So when you call them, don’t talk about what you want, and refrain from saying anything with, “I want to…” in it.
3. Avoid saying “Minute of your time”
Ask “for a moment of your time” instead.  
It’s good to make sure that your hostess/prospect can actually speak on the phone at the moment, and not running to the emergency room or in the middle of a heated debate with their mate.  A minute has a well-defined length, and then what happens is they are focused on the length instead of what you are saying.  “Do you have a moment?” will typically get as much time as you need to get your message across. Try it!
Rina Valan