12 New People

Let’s say you have a home party
12 people show up. 
Sales were low.
You didn’t get any bookings.
Bad party, right? 

Why? Because you met 12 people in person and they saw you, your products, heard your pitch, and experienced your service. These 12 people turned into 12 warm leads.
And warm leads, if you work them, can be eventually turned into customers, a party hostess, a referral or even a new recruit.

-12 new people you can continue your connection with.

-12 new people you could email a brief note after your party and ask them if they had a good time, and comment on something you shared together (a laugh, a comment).

-12 new people you could email a day or two before the delivery of their product to let them know “Hey, it’s on the way.”

-12 new people you could email a few days after the delivery of their product to ask “Is everything good? Have you tried x yet?”

-You could even email these 12 new people through Facebook, an even better way to keep track of your connection…and they can ‘see’ you even more of you.

-You could eventually ‘friend’ these 12 new people on Facebook…and continue to build your connection, a relationship. Everyday you could be showing up on their desktop.

12 new people are 12 new seeds. 
Don’t throw seeds away! GROW them.

Rina Valan