10 Essential Party Presentation Tips

You’ve got a dozen people in front of you.
You’re ready to start your home party presentation.
Is your Body sending them right message?

What is Body Language?
It’s you as the whole package: how you stand, whether or not you make eye contact with your audience, the gestures you  make, and  how you dress. This includes perceptions that come through whether consciously or  subconsciously, i.e. being overly-confident (coming off as a lion) or fearful (a meek pussycat.)

So, what can you do to make sure your body language makes your audience pay attention to you while communicating the right message? 

10 Essential Tips:

1. Look your best and you’ll be more confident. You only need a couple pre-thought out outfits, and switch them out. Important: wear  something you like, in a flattering color that looks good on you! This is not the time to try something trendy and out of your realm of comfort. Never dress suggestively.

2. Stop fidgeting. See #1 and this should not be a problem, especially if you have comfortable shoes.

3. Don’t overdue makeup. Keep a well maintained look, neat is preferable.  Wear comfortable shoes since you’ll be standing for awhile.

4. SMILE! Greet with a smile, answer questions with a smile, chuckle, laugh, do it as often as possible without being fake.

5. Use hand and body gestures, just be careful not to overdo it.

6. Don’t whisper.  
    Do emphasize phrases and key words.

7. Don’t point at someone.
    Don’t shake your fist. Don’t cross your arms. Don’t put your hands on  your hip.

8. Do light non-suggestive touch,  like a pat on the shoulder, finger to hand.  Do shake hands.

9. Never stand behind a table. Do your presentation in front of the group, center.

10. Do keep a high energy level:
   —An energetic walk and movements, passing of samples, and manner of talk can convey enthusiasm, love of product/service, and encourage your audience to pay attention.
   —If you talk very slowly, or spew canned pitches, you will lose them. Worse? No future bookings.

Got any other suggestions? Come back to the Home Party Plan Advisor and post your comments and suggestions!

Rina Valan