You Own Personal Trainer: Free

Did you know that just about every Fantasia webinar has been recorded and there for viewing during your spare time? Have you checked out:

—Great information about hemp seed oil, why it’s incredibly healing, about pheromones and how they work, about why our “Nearly Me” lubricant is so important for women who easily get yeast infections or worried about products triggering outbreaks. #14 Advanced Product Training: Signature Products

—Great information and simple ways to pitch recruiting. What to say, how to say it, simply stated. Why reinvent the wheel, hey you’re are already on the bike. #22,  Recruiting/Making the right connection with your prospect/lead

—Product information and pitch on all the products in the first half of our catalog: the lotions and creams, games. Perfect if you’re feeling a little stale! # 12, Product Presentation Training- Part 1: Lotions and Creams)

—Product information and pitch on the toy section in the catalog. Invaluable tips about toys in general, great ‘ways to say it’, helps make this part of your presentation fun and make higher sales. # 13 Product Presentation Training- Part 2: Toys

—Guide to doing a successful couples party. Invaluable coaching and presenting tips: #10 Guide for Successful Couples Parties 

New to the business? Need more parties? Motivation? This will get you going : #1 New Rep Orientation

Check them out, and check them out often. Maybe you want to save print out this email and put it next to your computer to remind you. Knowledge is power, and in our business, money!

–Rina Valan

P.S. You can get directly to the Fantasia Intranet/Resource Center by either logging in to your personal portal, once in look at the bottom left hand of the page, and click on the link. You will need your username and password to get access to it:
   username: fanrep10
  password: Newyear12 (the password changes on the 1st of every month)

And you can also access the Fantasia Intranet/Resource center by going directly to:, and again, you will be prompted for your user name and password.