Validation: The Secret of Love and Attraction

I think my first marriage slowly deteriorated once something stopped happening between my ex and I….we stopped saying sincere complimentary things to one another. As a woman, I stopped giving verbal appreciation for the everyday good little and big things he would do, and he in turn, stopped validating my feelings and critiqued them instead.

Oh, how simply stupid we can be the first 30 or 40 years of our lives…and not just with our lovers and/or mates, but also with everyone around us, our family, friends, our co-workers, the supermarket check out clerks, the bank teller, flower sellers…they have the same needs as we have our very selves, and that is simply to be validated. A simple word, phrase, sincere appreciation or sincere compliment.

Do you recall the last time someone paid you a sincere compliment or word/note of appreciation? You felt wonderful, didn’t you?

Turn the tables about in a special relationship in your life with a validating compliment, “You have a most disarming smile”, or “Your eyes are so beautiful to me”, or “You are so comforting to me.”

I found a video on YouTube that is worth 15 mins of your precious time and in turn, is incredibly precious…it will show you the secret and power of validation.

Re-fall in love…with everyone.

Miss Sensuale


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