This Date, or That Date?

Have you tried to buy a pair of pantyhose lately? Oh my gosh, there’s support, non support, non waist band, control, non control, sheer, opaque…I literally walked out of my local CVS today and decided to tackle it another time.

Choices are nice, but frankly, the sale could have been made if a salesperson had pulled me aside and said: “Try the non support, or the sheer with no toe.”

The same can apply when you’re trying to book future parties from your home party demonstrations. You want to turn your customer’s mental thought from:”Do I want to have a party?” to
“Oh, I see…I have the choice of this, or that date!”

What’s the secret? It’s fairly simple:
—Just take a wall calendar, mark off the days you are already booked or not available with a big “X.” You don’t have to put the particulars on any of the dates, just mark them off with an “X.”

At the end of your presentation, give your brief pitch about booking a party. Then just pass the calendar over to one person and say “OK everybody, here are the dates I have available. Pencil in your name and number with your choice.”

Works like a charm!

P.S. Thank you,  Audrey Casperino!