The Strangest Place I Had Sex…

Ahem. I promise to tell you that in just a bit.

I live a lucky life. Everyday we talk about sex here and the subject of having sex in strange places came up during a broadcast of our weekly radio “Hump Day Show.” I had shared with our listeners a rather interesting world survey done by Durex condoms on sex and sexual habits.
—The number one place other than a bedroom to have sex is a car (surprise, surprise.) That almost happened to me once, but my seat belt buckle snapped into my partner’s crotch area, and that was the end of that.
—The number two place: toilets. Yes, that’s right. Somehow that doesn’t sound very appealing or sexy to me, as I associate ‘toilet’ with public restrooms. And besides, that would mean rubbing hand sanitizer over every body part,

My radio co-hosts then proceeded to share their varied strange place experiences, and my once virgin ears perked. One had lost their virginity in her parents bed (being Catholic, I’m positive that is a mortal sin.) We then had several callers who told us about a little rendezvous in tomb, work places, in a clothing store dressing room, on a plane (not in the toilet, either), along with the usual near-disaster-while-driving stories.

I have to admit the one that had me howling out loud though, was the woman who went with her husband to shop for a shed at their local Home Depot. Yep, yep, you guessed it. They closed the door, leaned up against it, and had a quickie. Why is it that all I ever got at Home Depot was my ex-husband whining: “But honey, I might need this giant power tool for something, someday!”


I missed out on all the strange sex places. Being brought up in a very traditional Italian family meant no real dating until you were married. By the time you got to have the sex in the strange place, you’re weren’t having any sex at all. This is where one lives vicariously through others, and I often tell my friends “I should have gone for the Neanderthal after all!”

And now, as I promised, the strangest place I ever had sex: in the vestibule of my parents home, being careful not to wake them up, as their bedroom was literally on the other side of the wall. But then again, according to our former President, what we did wasn’t really considered sex anyhow ; )

And so, I am sure you are here reading this and saying to yourself: “Hmmm, now I remember the time when…..”
Go ahead, let me live vicariously through you and share with me where the most unusual place you had sex in: inquiring, yet sensual minds want to know!

Playfully yours,


P.S. The bedroom is still my favorite place…and you can find the necessary props and accessories (er, like sex toys and massage candles) at my Sex Toy Party company, Fantasia Home Parties