The Let Me Think About it Customer

The scene: 
Friday night at one of your home parties, or any party night.
Or you’re on the phone or sending an email drumming up business.
You ask: 
Would you like to have a party?
They respond: 
Hmm…let me think about it.

Don’t you just hate that???
That  response just irks me, and then I realized that just about everyone says that, no  matter what business you’re in!

Do you know what the worst thing you can  do?
Respond with  “Ok, call me.”

They won’t.

So, what to say instead? Give them a great reason why they should book NOW!
Start your response with:
—“It’s good I called  you today”or
—“It’s good you came to the party today”or
—“It’s  good that I emailed you today”

And then give them that great reason. (And yes, you’ll need to prethink the reason!)
Some examples of that great reason:
—“I’m having a private special for you if you pick the  date now”
—“This one time gift offer expires next month, let’s  pick the date now so you won’t lose out on it.”
—“The double hostess credit off expires blank date–don’t lose this! How about blank date?”

The key: prepare 4 or 5  good reasons why they should act now, drill them into your head, and  then have them ready in your arsenal.

Because: if you don’t give them a great reason, they go away and someone else will give them a reason instead. Trust me on this one.

P.SOvercoming this delay objection is absolutely critical if you  are trying to recruit someone. Give them a GREAT reason why and now!

Rina Valan