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7 Second Rule: Use it or Lose it

The scene: In your car, at a red light. It turns green. You hesitate for 7 little seconds. You get honked!! Only 7 seconds! Are they incredibly impatient or what?! Timing is everything, especially in our home party plan business. It’s not enough that you follow up with a call or email, you have to follow up fast enough! Why? Prospective customers who don’t get immediate follow up/attention lose more than their patience. They just move on to someone else, or worse-another company. And your current customer who doesn’t get immediate follow up/attention...

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Home Party Games: 5 No-Fail Tips

Games and warm-ups for your home parties are really important. They serve as ice breakers, connect you and the others together, and your guests have fun! Here are some key points to make sure they work for you: 1. Length: don’t drag on forever. Keep the game lively, and moving! 2. Type: quiz games are good when while you’re waiting for the party stragglers. Action/movement games don’t work too well in very tight quarters. 3. Act like a game show host: tell everyone what the game is, how it’s played, how to win, and what they will win. Direct people to...

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Is Someone is Peeing on Your Hydrant?

Ever have someone excited about booking a party with you, and then all of a sudden they weren’t? Or, how about that new prospect, all ready and raring to go, and then poof? Most home party consultants make the assumption that they are just not interested anymore. Perhaps.More likely?They got a dog peeing on their hydrant! Yes, those peeing dogs are the critics, cynics, non-supportive family members, friends, dream-stealers and general nay sayers, and yes, you even have them in YOUR life. As a sales person you should learn that peeing dogs may also sound like a sales...

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