Stop What You’re Doing

So you got a  home party lead, a rep lead, or someone who wants to place an order?

Stop what you’re doing-literally!

   You got a home party lead and you wanted to wait until a ‘reasonable’ time to call them back, or when ‘you have the chance.’

   Someone else called, emailed, texted, instant messaged, or Facebooked that same party lead yesterday while waiting for you to do so.
They don’t call you back because they most likely booked with that someone else.

Today’s New Rules for Booking Parties/Recruiting:
   1. ACKNOWLEDGE  IMMEDIATELY via phone, phone message, email, text message, instant message, Facebook or direct contact.
   2. If you do not make voice contact on first try or immediate response back, let them know you are ready to take care of them, and book them, that you ARE interested in their business in several forms of communications like voice mail, email, text message, instant message, etc. NOTE: one form of contact is NOT enough!
   3. And in those messages, tell that you will continue to contact them until you connect. One, two, or three attempts is not enough! You are the salesperson, not them. It’s your job, it’s your business. Period.

All these factors for today’s rules are critical because this is the way your customers and potential customers do business.  

They need immediacy. 

And if they don’t get it from you, they will get it from someone else.

RECAP: it doesn’t matter where a party or new prospect lead comes from, whether from a friend, from Facebook, from your Home Company, from your website, from an email, or from a mailing! Strike while the iron is hot, and strike before they are distracted to someone else.

Rina Valan