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Hot Heart Heat Massager

HOT HEART Heat Massager ($19 US):
Transform an ordinary massage into a warm and sexy prelude to something a little more adventurous. Our sensual HOT HEART will surely heat things up, ease those tense muscles, and works wonders on cold feet! Total Width: 5″. Re-usable, Portable, Instant Warmth.

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LOVE GLOVE, Massage Mitt ($24 US)

LOVE GLOVE, Massage Mitt ($24 US):
Give or receive a sensual massage using this soft silicone massage mitten. The pleasure is twice as nice with its two sided style design. The LOVE GLOVE will slide and glide all over your body, all the while caressing you with hundreds of relaxing and tantalizing stimulators. Great as a skin stimulating shower mitt or, as an added bonus, this silicone mitt makes a nifty make-up brush cleaning pad.

MASSAGE BLISS, Silicone rechargeable body massager ($125 US).
MASSAGE BLISS is rechargeable with a wide point of contact for rumbling stimulation from head to toe. It is the ultimate accessory to spice things up with a partner or to make the most of your “alone” time (20 functions, waterproof, silicone). Rechargeable – comes with USB cord, delivers approximately 60 min. of use per full charge. Massager dimensions: 2.5″ x 1.75″

SIGHT. SCENT. TOUCH. The senses come alive with our HEART HAND 3-in-1 massage oil candles. Light the candle and enjoy the way it lights and scents the room. Let it melt, blow the flame out and pour the luxuriously warm massage oil onto your partner’s body.
Directions for use: Trim the wick to 1/4” before lighting. After the candle is melted, blow out the flame and pour warm oil onto your partner. Three scents to choose from: Seduce Me (Vanilla Sugar & Sweet Pea); Tease Me (Blood Orange & Goji Berry); Lavender

Heart+Hand Massage Oils ($23 US)
Relaxing and sensual, our pheromone-infused luxury massage oils are made with a blend body-enriching moisturizers, and natural, botanical essential oils that will delight the senses and caress your body. HEART-HAND Luxury Massage oil also includes a special hyper-glide that lasts longer than typical massage oils, so this magic moment will last all night. Size: 4 fl.oz. Two scents to choose from: Passage Hold Me (Fruit & Guava); Kiss Me (Very Berry).

Ultimate Luxury Massager $155

Still Yours is our new and improved 10 function body massager that will rock you from head to toe. Fabulous silicone exterior for your comfort.

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Always Yours Forever ($175 US) includes: Still Yours Massager and the Hold Me Massage Oil.