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Make Your Move

Dear Dr. Melanie, I am a Fantasia Consultant and currently experiencing something new! I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year now. When it comes to sex he never starts it! I always make the first move, then this is what happens. He eithet cant get it up, cant get completely hard unless he is rubbing himself, or flat out says no! He tells me that sex isn’t important to him or he lets his head get in the way! Far as I know everything is ok in his life no stress or anything and he is healthy. This really disturbes me and he refuses to see a doc. Thanks, First Move   Dear...

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More for Mom

Dear Dr. Melanie, I’m 35 years old and sense the birth of my third child 16 months ago my want and desire for sex is just not there at all and it’s affecting our relationship he thinks I’m no longer sexual attracted to him or want him anymore and that’s not the case at all Dr. Melanie, PLEASE HELP ME I want my sex drive and desire for sex back, I WANT TO WANT SEX AGAIN!!!! Thanks, Third Time Mom   Dear Third Time Mom , For many moms, there is so much physical contact with kids during the day that a partner’s sexual desire seems like just one more demand on...

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Name That Spot

Dear Dr. Melanie, I am a Fantasia Consultant and was recently asked by my mother where the “y-spot” is. She was in a conversation where they were discussing the different “spots” there are (g-spot,a-spot,etc.) I only knew about the g-spot! Is there such a thing as the y-spot? And how many “spots” are there? Thanks so much! Thanks, Fantasia Consultant   Dear Fantasia Rep , People drum up new slang names for body parts with impressive regularity, and “Y spot” is one of them. Consider the lines created by a woman’s closed legs and the creases at the...

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Missing the Big O

Dear Dr. Melanie, I love to have sex but I have never felt the feeling of an orgasm. I can cum if it’s by oral sex or masturbation. Please doc give me some advice??? — Frustrated   Dear Frustrated , If you can “cum,” you have had an orgasm, so what I believe what you’re saying is that while you orgasm through masturbation and oral sex, you do not experience orgasm through penile-vaginal intercourse. The great majority of women require direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, and they just don’t get it from penile penetration in the vagina....

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Dry Spell

Dear Dr. Melanie, I have been with my Fiancée for 17 years. I feel that our relationship is dying off for many reasons, the #1 reason which is me not being able to get pregnant (I was diagnosed with PCOS), and the #2 reason, which is DRY SPELLS — I am like the Sahara Desert sometimes most of the time, I even dry up the lube –WHAT IS THAT? I feel at times that I am in an extremely sexual mood but the minute we get started, there is not even an ounce of moisture in my girl, he can’t even get in me sometimes — that’s how bad it is. I have been feeling a bit more...

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Talk Dirty to Me

Dear Dr. Melanie, Me and boyfriend have been together for almost a year. He wants me to talk more in bed but to be honest, I really don’t know what to say. The sex is great, but I don’t know what to say while I’m moaning. What do I do? What do I say? I want him to be just as turned on as I am. Thanks, Moan-a   Dear Moan-a, Why assume he’s not as turned on as you are? Maybe he’s just interested in a little variety. Or maybe he needs reassurance that he’s pleasing you (moans may be hard to interpret). Then again, he may be watching porn and mistakenly...

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